CV of Erik Zenner

Curriculum Vitae

The following is a short version of my CV.

1971 Born in Groß-Gerau (Germany)
1981-1990 High School in Saarbrücken (Germany)
1990-1991 Military Service
as telecommunications technician
1991-1993 Bank Apprenticeship
with the Deutsche Hypothekenbank AG in Frankfurt (Germany)
1993-1999 Studies of Wirtschaftsinformatik (Business and Computer Science)
at the University of Mannheim (Germany),
graduated as Diplom-Wirtschaftsinformatiker
1996-1997 Studies of Business and Computer Science
at Napier University in Edinburgh (Scotland),
graduated as BSc with distinction
1999-2004 PhD student (cryptography) and research/teaching assistant
in the Theoretical Computer Science Group of Prof. M. Krause
at the University of Mannheim,
graduated as Dr. rer. nat. (magna cum laude)
2004-2007 Chief cryptographer for the Danish software and consulting company Cryptico
2007-2011 Assistant professor at the Technical University of Denmark
from 09/2011 Associate professor at the Hochschule Offenburg

For the mathematically inclined amongst you, my Erdös number is 3 (P. Erdös - C. Thomassen - G. Leander).

Note that this is my personal home page. All opinions expressed here are my own and are not necessarily shared by persons or organizations named on these pages (like my employer or my co-authors).

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