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Picture Erik Zenner Welcome to my homepage! On these pages, you can find information about me and my professional activities. The pages are constantly under construction, so you should never expect things to stay the way they are...

About me

I am a cryptographer and IT security engineer. This means that I analyse the security of IT and communication systems, and I develop solutions that are both practical and secure.

I have studied business and computer science and hold a PhD in cryptography. Since September 2011, I am a professor at the University of Applied Sciences Offenburg.

About these pages

The main purpose of these pages is to make my papers, talks, notes etc. accessible online. As far as possible, these documents will be in Adobe's PDF format (click here to download the free Acrobat Reader). The plan is that all document URLs in this domain will be permanent, i.e., they can be cited, linked etc. Note, however, that the same does not hold for the web pages themselves - they will change content rather frequently.


You can contact me by sending e-mail to Unless I am travelling or on holiday, I will answer within a few working days.

However, please refrain from sending me applications for jobs, internships and so on - for an explanation, see here.

Note that this is my personal home page. All opinions expressed here are my own and are not necessarily shared by persons or organizations named on these pages (like my employer or my co-authors).

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